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Of all the wheat-free, healthy recipes I’ve tried, this is my family’s favorite. You’ll find these almond meal-based pancakes a very close approximation of the flour-based variety. They are wonderfully filling; few people can eat more than 3-4 medium-sized pancakes.

I’d forgotten how much I’d missed pancakes until I sat down one Sunday morning to a stack, butter between the layers, topped with maple syrup—but followed by none of the fogginess, sleepiness, and abdominal distress that always followed!

Top pancakes with sugar-free maple syrups, but avoid the sorbitol-containing variety, since this sugar alcohol increases blood sugar and usually causes horrendous gas and diarrhea. Sucralose-based maple syrups are made by Walden Farms and DaVinci. Torani and DaVinci also make berry-flavored sucralose-based syrups that are great for drizzling on wheat-free pancakes. 
Makes approximately 15, 4-inch pancakes.



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