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  • Why your heart disease can increase dramatically without proper actionand how this can signal impending heart attack.
  • How to use cholesterol and other risk factors to control your score and dramatically reduce risk for heart attack, and why alone cholesterol so often fails.
  • The best nutritional supplements to gain control over heart diseaseWhat works and what's a waste of money.
  • Why your diet is crucial to your program. Not all diets are created equal!
  • How new scientific breakthroughs can supercharge your heart attack prevention efforts!

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program Track Your Plaque Program Builder
Create your own Track Your Plaque program! Our online Program Builder analyzes your heart scan score, lipids (cholesterol) values, lipoproteins and other key heart health factors then generates individualized advice on how to apply the Track Your Plaque principles to your plaque-control program.  Track Your Plaque Experts continually update the Program Builder software to reflect the latest discoveries and breakthroughs on plaque control.  Members may update and print their personal program as often as they like.

reports Newly-released Special Reports
Hot off-the-press analysis and discussion on wide-ranging topics focused on how Track Your Plaque principles and the latest scientific discoveries can be applied to your individual program.  These are not the typical "infomercials" found on other sites but hard data backed by scientific studies and in-practice observations.

forum Monitored Forum
Interact with other members and Track Your Plaque staff to discuss everything from your experiences with the program to questions about supplements, diet, exercise, etc.  From "Myth Busters" to "Ask the Expert" the Forums have everything,  even a forum to let members decide what additions and changes they would like to see on the site.

chat Member Chat
Interact with other members and Track Your Plaque staff in "real time" using our live online chat.  Watch for special online chat times with our experts.  This is your opportunity to talk "live" with leaders in the field of heart health.

experts Track Your Plaque Experts
Our multi-disciplinary team of national experts discuss important questions and issues to help you succeed in your plaque-control program.  They are the "heart and soul" of Track Your Plaque.

library Member Library
The Track Your Website maintains a growing library of articles and publications available at no charge to members.

guides Online Guides
Online guides help you through the often confusing maze of subjects such as heart health technology, prescription drugs, and more.

program Member Toolkit
Members have access to a growing selection of custom Track Your Plaque tools covering everything from recipes to calculating your Body Mass Index.

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typbook Your own copy of The Track Your Plaque book
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THE 270-page primary resource for developing your own Track Your Plaque program. The electronic version of Track Your Plaque has all the same powerful content of the print version that details a real-world approach for putting your heart scan to work in a powerful prevention program, how causes of heart disease can be pinpointed with tools beyond simple-minded cholesterol measures, and all the basics of an effective plaque-control program.

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A special member newsletter provides breaking news, members only specials, and other items of interest.

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I am living proof that Dr. Davis’s program really works! Eight years ago I was diagnosed with coronary disease through an EBT heart scan, despite low cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and ratio, plus a "health nut" lifestyle. Following the Track Your Plaque program, I have been able to slow the development of plaque to the point that my risk of having a heart attack is very low. My family tree is filled with heart attack victims—my father had his first at 40 and was dead by 52—and it is quite probable that I would have followed in his footsteps without the guidance of Dr. Davis and his Track Your Plaque program. As a registered nurse, I believe this program will change the course of medical treatment of coronary patients. As a patient, I'm extremely grateful that it came along before I ended up like my father.

Mrs. Nancy Burlingame,

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typbook Your own copy of The Track Your Plaque book
THE 270-page primary resource for developing your own Track Your Plaque program. Track Your Plaque details a real-world approach for putting your heart scan to work in a powerful prevention program, how causes of heart disease can be pinpointed with tools beyond simple-minded cholesterol measures, and all the basics of an effective plaque-control program. Value $19.95

scanbook What Does My Heart Scan Show?
A primer on heart scanning and what it all means. In 120 pages, it discusses why heart scans are better than cholesterol or stress tests, how calcium scores predict heart attack risk, what percentile rank means. Value $12.95

manual Track Your Plaque Manual
Full of unique tools and information to boost your chances for success in following the Track Your Plaque program. The Manual is designed to supplement the discussions in the Track Your Plaque book. Many of the discussions in the Manual can’t be found anywhere else. The Manual includes our Quick Start Guides—fast, easy guides to get started if you haven’t yet read the Track Your Plaque book, or as a refresher on the basic issues if you have; a Lipoprotein Summary to serve as a quick reference on the lipid and lipoprotein tests and a summary of effective treatments to consider; My Track Your Plaque Program to serve as a record of your progress through the program; dozens of Special Reports on unique issues relevant to your program, from the importance of flavonoids to ways to lose weight faster; functionally-focused recipes designed to achieve specific goals relevant to plaque regression; healthy vacation destinations to take your Track Your Plaque program on the road; and Reprints of articles on issues of interest to a heart disease prevention program. Value $49.95

dvd Included FREE with Your Start-up Kit
Getting Started on the Track Your Plaque Program DVD Seminar
A two-part video overview of the Track Your Plaque approach to kick-start your own program. Value $39.95

The value of the Start-up Kit is well over $100
and can be yours for only $69.95

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join Don't let your heart disease prevention program end with a heart scan! Let it begin with the lessons our experts have learned over years of experience. You can choose either online membership alone or you can augment your program with the optional $69.95 Start-up Kit.  Either way, you will be "on track" with the most powerful heart disease prevention program available.

Dear Track Your Plaque prospective member,

I hope that by now you see just how powerful the Track Your Plaque approach is. By measuring coronary plaque, we can help you begin a program that in many–perhaps most–instances, stops heart disease in its tracks.

No other program can even begin to approach the power of the materials and concepts in Track Your Plaque. For less than the cost of a 15-minute visit to your doctor, you can have our unique combination of books, reports, and website tools from our experts to heighten your chances for success in eliminating heart disease from your life. And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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William Davis, MD
CEO and Chief Medical Officer
Track Your Plaque

Author, Track Your Plaque: The only heart disease prevention program that shows you how to use the new heart scans to detect, track, and control coronary plaque